Best SSD of June 2016

Today, we are starting a new section "Best of " each month section. Each month we will provide you with a selection of products which the highest performance in their respective price categories. All the links will be from Indian shopping sites like  Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India. The prices may vary after publishing, i expect the this variances may not have much impact. But in case there's a deal alert i will try to put out the news as fast as possible. Most of the links will be affiliate links,money from this and ads run the site. So we request the readers to support the cause.Spread the word!.

Under 128GB:

This category belongs to the budget builders. So this list contains budget SSDs which can be used to upgrade an old system or a brand new one.


Samsung 750 EVO 120GB

Samsung is a strong player in the SSD market. With their advanced process nodes they can sell at a cheaper rate without compromising performance. The introduction of 3D V-NAND (used in 850 series) has lead to decrease in price of normal planar TLC NAND chips. So Samsung introduced this series the 750 EVO to sell their planar 16nm TLC stock at a cheap rate. Well, it worked. The 750 EVO is one of the cheapest best performing SSDs we have ever seen.

Buy Samsung 750 EVO 120GB SSD

Low Price:

Kingston UV300 120GB
Kingston UV300 is one of the best selling SSDs on Amazon India. It is bit slower than 750 evo but it's cheaper. This is a better option if you have a really old system or maybe the system only supports SATA 2. This is best for those who want the cheapest average SSD. It is based on TLC NAND and Phison S10 controller.
Buy Kingston UV300 120GB

Best Perfomance:
Samsung 850 PRO

Samsung 850 Pro is best SATA based SSD you could buy. It has maximum perfomance with very good endurance rating. It is based on Samsung's 3D V-NAND tech, which offers superior perfomance along at a lower price than previous generation. It is priced a bit high but no SSD offers this much features and perfomance at the price. It features encryption technologies like TCG Opal 2.0, AES 256 other. Which is not found in many similarly priced SSDs.

No matter which SSD you choose, the perfomance increase incredible when you compare to HDD. Application launch times, Windows boot time and Game load times significantly get reduced. We have upgraded many of our old systems here at Zetahertz to SSD and have seen the perfomance of daily tasks improved and a lot of freezing issues on Windows is now gone. Overall, an SSD upgrade is best option for any Desktop or Laptop user for a much improved day-to-day tasks.